Soaps that start you day with a wink & a smile

Why Bea Soapy


At Bea Soapy you will find that our soaps & body products are made with high quality ingredients. Each soap is handmade in small batches & hand cut. You will notice that each soap carries its own uniqueness. Each batch is tested for creaminess & lather, we also ph every batch  so that it carries the perfect ph for your skin.

Why Handmade Soap


Commercial soap is made with harsh chemicals lathering agents and chemical additives .

In our handmade soap you will find skin loving natural oils & butters. Our soap is NOT made with any chemical lathering agents, no parabens , no phthalate & no chemical preservatives.

Handmade soap does not strip your skin and is high in natural glycerin,  We love milk in our soaps along with the natural oils & butters for the many vitamins & mineral  it has to nourish our skin.  

Tips for a longer lasting bar of soap


Cut your bar in half and put the other half away in a draw away from moisture.

After use place your bar  on a draining soap saver dish or stand on it's side to let it dry in between use.

Due to the natural glycerin in any handmade you do not want to leave your bar sitting in water.